Review: Mountain Eqpt. Comici Pant

“There is no way these are going to survive a weekend.” That was my initial thought when I slipped on a demo pair of Comici Pants from Mountain Equipment. According to the company's website, the Comicis are designed for rock climbing; they’re lightweight, quick-drying, and have an “active fit” that moves with you.

I wasn’t interested in pants for rock climbing. I wanted light pants for going off-trail in heavy brush, looking for upland game birds in late summer and early fall; I needed something that could withstand abrasion and provide protection from wind and quick-changing weather. The Comicis seemed way too light to come in contact with anything rough, sharp, or even slightly abrasive.

I was wrong. The Exolite fabric provides great abrasion resistance, along with all-day comfort and protection from wind. And they're light as a feather—a feature I now appreciate. They’ve become my go-to weekend pants, no matter the activity.

Available at the Round House. $120.