Review: Infinity X1 Flashlight

Headlamps are a wonderful thing, but sometimes you need a little more juice—or, in the case of the Infinity X1 Hybrid Power Flashlight, a lot more. Multiple models are available; I chose the 5,000-lumen version, and this handheld spotlight illuminates a vast area on the darkest of nights. It's big, heavy, and built to take a beating, which means you can use it to give one—when I venture from my tent or truck to answer the call of nature, I take this bad boy with me, and I'm ready for whatever threat presents itself. I can't say that about my headlamp.

The "hybrid" moniker refers to two interchangeable battery inserts: one rechargeable, one loaded with AAs. The rechargeable plug can also be used to charge up a device, using the USB-out port on the bottom of the shaft. The wide-angle adjustable beam reaches out several hundred feet for two hours at max illumination; three brightness settings allow you to power down and keep closer things lit up for up to 6.5 hours. And the waterproof, impact-resistant case means it'll be there for you in all conditions.

In short: this is one solid flashlight. I'm keeping my headlamp, but this puppy's taking its own place in my suite of illumination devices, and it's near the top.

Available for $40 at Costco; more info at