Review: SolarPuff Lantern

In the fall, when dusk comes earlier each week, few items are as important as a good camp light. I tried out the SolarPuff by Solight and knew right away that it would soon replace my old battery-powered lantern, particularly for backpacking trips. This ultra-lightweight lantern collapses flat when not in use, and needs no extra batteries—just set the thing outside during the day for a full recharge. Two attachment loops—one a two-piece velcro strap—allow for easy suspension from trees and tents, and when inflated it sets nicely on a table or rock. The soft glow is bright enough to illuminate a small camp, but no so bright as to irritate the eyes. I showed the SolarPuff to a friend and he said, "Oh yeah, those things are fantastic—I have a half-dozen of them." I don't think I need that many, but at a mere $30 each, it's tempting. Available at