Review: Gordini DT Gauntlet Gloves

Gloves are like socks: you can never have too many. With excellent heat retention, good dexterity, and waterproofing that rivals top brands in the industry, the Gordini DT Gauntlet is a great glove to have in my quiver. For skiing, I generally prefer a longer cuff, but the Gauntlets are still effective at keeping snow out. By including down insulation, the reigning champ for warmth that has been around for generations, Gordini made sure these will be some of the warmest gloves you'll ever wear. The plush, wooly inner fabric adds to the feeling of warmth and comfort and makes these gloves like functional slippers for your hands. With no removable liner to create uncomfortable seams or bunching, Gordini has a strong product here that will keep your digits toasty all winter long, $110.