Review: Flylow Baker Bib

As a kid, whenever I complained about outdoor gear, my dad would say, "It’s the wizard, not the wand." I can attest that the Flylow Baker Bib is a well-rounded wand that lets the wizard do the magic. Flylow combined simplicity with durability, and through years of revisions, crafted one heck of a bib. 

With bibs, beers, and beacons becoming the official après-ski attire, the Baker is a stylistic smash. But its on-mountain performance is what really sold me. Reinforced waterproof knees and cuffs offer a sturdy feel without a loss of flexibility. The waterproofing is reliable, and on those warmer and wetter hikes, large inner and outer thigh vents provide superb ventilation. The storage is great, too—it took me weeks to find all the secret pockets. Seamlessly designed into the chest and legs, the pockets offer ample room for all my backcountry goodies. The Baker is well-designed in nearly every way, and good for both resort and backcountry skiing. If you're looking to get into either, this bib is a great place to start. Available at Red Lodge Mountain and; $420.