Review: Dagger Nomad

If you’re looking for a new creek boat, check out the Dagger Nomad. The Nomad comes in two sizes, so it doesn’t matter if you’re a 120-pound chick or a 240-pound dude. The Nomad 8.1 (8’ long, 25.5” wide, 68 gallons, 42 pounds) is great for steep, small-volume creeks, which there is no shortage of around these parts. For bigger paddlers and bigger water, check out the Nomad 8.5 (8’5” long, 26.75” wide, 78 gallons, 45 pounds), which does well on big water and has the maneuverability for those tight moves. If things get a little too tight and you find yourself pinned, use the step-out center wall and six rescue attachments to get your boat out of that sticky situation. These boats don’t seem to break, either; the occasional dent always seems to pop back to the original form with a little sunshine and time. If you think you’re ready to tackle some of the classic Class V runs around here, this is the boat that will help you do it.

Alex Allen has been paddling for over 15 years, has many first descents, and has been a part of expeditions all over the world. He loves being out on the rivers whether it’s a casual float down the Yellowstone or a classic Class V run.