Review: BCA Avalanche-Rescue Package

Avalanche-rescue equipment is some of the most important gear money can buy, but that you also hope to never use. The Tracker 4 Avalanche Rescue Package is BCA’s high-end rescue set-up that has all the essentials for getting out on the snow—because why would you want to cut corners on snow safety? It includes the new Tracker 4 beacon with harness, Dozer 1T shovel, and Stealth 300 probe. Now you can hit Slushman’s with confidence or head out into the backcountry—as long as you make sure you know how to use all the gear properly, that is.

Tracker 4 Beacon
There's been some controversy in the beacon industry of late with recalls and malfunctions. One thing you can trust with the Tracker 4 is that it's bomber. When you first get it in your hands, you’ll discover more than just its ergonomic design. You’ll feel the device is built to withstand the beatings that the backcountry can present. The Tracker 4 also introduces innovative signal-suppression and “Big Picture” modes for efficient multiple-victim searches. The motion-sensing automatic revert-to-transmit mode adds an extra layer of safety, ensuring that you're in the right setting when you need it. What sets it apart for me, though, is the mini USB port, making software updates a breeze and ensuring that my gear stays current and ready for action.

BCA Dozer 1T
The Dozer 1T shovel, an upgraded version of the B-1 EXT, is North America’s best-selling avalanche shovel for good reason. It's designed for use by folks of any background and for a broad range of backcountry conditions. It has an updated ovo-concave shaft, low-profile stompable blades, and a range of cored-out handles that make it stronger, lighter, and more packable than previous designs. It has a non-round shaft design to prevent breakage during prying, and the added concave radius enhances strength without compromising weight. It also meets the industry's safety standards for avalanche-rescue shovels, so you can check that box. Whether you’re using it for digging booters or something more harrowing, this shovel will move mountains.

Stealth 300 Probe
Finally, BCA’s workhorse Stealth 300 Probe for advanced skiers and beyond. Its 300 cm (118 in) length is great for missions that take you into deeper snow and more treacherous terrain. It collapses down to 43cm to fit right back into pretty much any pack out there. One additional, unique feature is its “stealth quick-lock” hardware that creates a tighter bundle when broken down and limits the loose cables that can fly around your face when actively probing.

BCA Warranties
Transceiver: 5-year limited; Probe: 3-year limited; Shovel: 3-year limited

Other BCA Gear
Consider pairing the T4 Avalanche package with one of BCA’s packs to make sure everything all fits together nicely. We went with the BCA Stash Pro. It’s almost like they were made for each other...

All products available at; $460.