Review: VOORMI Ski Sock

Not often do you stumble across socks that can be worn six times without producing a stench to kill a small child. The VOORMI Ski Sock can make this claim and more. The soft merino-wool blend regulates heat well, meaning your feet neither sweat nor get too chilly. A bit on the thicker side, this sock endures abrasion and provides excellent cushion around the feet, ankles, and calves.

The end result is a combination rarely perfected: comfortable, durable, and warm. Which also makes them versatile—you can wear them on a long backcountry tour, a minus-15 day at the resort, or a warm day of spring skiing. Moreover, this sock makes a good gift option for birthdays, weddings, and prom-date proposals.

Availabe at VOORMI's shop in downtown Bozeman. $40;