Review: Swiftwick Socks

Not all socks are created equal. From ultra-thin liners that double for running and skiing to cushy wool hikers that almost always prevent blisters, a well-rounded quiver of socks ensures that your feet will stay comfy and dry during any activity.

Enter the newly updated PURSUIT Hike and all-new PURSUIT Ultralight, two offerings from Swiftwick that employ both hydrophobic Olefin synthetic fibers and soft Merino wool fibers with natural wicking and antimicrobial properties, keeping your diaphoretic digits presentable for the euphoric donning of sandals back at the trailhead. But we’ve all worn Merino socks before; what makes these stockings special?

Swiftwick, Socks

Swiftwick’s "Fiber First" philosophy ran true with our reviewers through many days of abuse on grueling trails. The weave on these socks feels tighter and stronger than that of competitors, and we’re confident that these models will continue to deliver through many seasons of hard use. Depending on the sock’s intended purpose, Swiftwick uses varying combinations and proportions of fibers. As they put it, “Like a tasty meal, every recipe is going to be different.”

Swiftwick, Socks

The Hike uses a higher proportion of Merino fibers for a pillowy bolster to ward off chafing and hotspots on long backcountry excursions, while the Ultralight contains a higher proportion of Olefin fibers to maintain durability in a thinner weave popular with cyclists and runners. Both models come in a wide array of heights, allowing for a fully custom tan-line location.

Both socks will hit the shelves in August, 2020. $17 to $27, depending on model and height.