Review: Sitka Mountain Jacket

Nothing ruins a good day hunting quite like wind. Besides the havoc it can cause on your shooting (archery or riffle), a stiff October wind will cut through your typical jacket, sucking the will to continue right out of you. And the harder you’re working, the more you feel even a slight breeze when you stop. Fortunately, Sitka developed the Mountain Evo Jacket to help block the wind so you can forge on.

The lightweight jacket combines two different fabrics. Windstopper by Gore-Tex is used on the front, arms, and hood. Aside from an old “rain-slicker” this is the best jacket I’ve had for blocking wind. But knowing the average person using the coat is active, Sitka added stretch panels on the back and underarms. These panels help regulate your core temperature, keeping you from overheating as you would in a typical windbreaker. Plus, it stretches, so movement isn’t restricted.

One issue I’ve run into is the back panel cooling me off too much when I’ve quit moving. For instance, when I sit down to do some glassing and take my pack off, I catch a chill almost immediately. Easy fix though is throwing on a layer over top to trap some warmth, which I do almost anytime I glass.

I’ve found it to be my go-to jacket for both spring and fall; and not just for hunting. It’s great for hiking, trail running, even mountain biking. Sitka obviously knew what they were doing, ’cause they offer two camo options and one solid color.

$329; Available locally at Schnee’s or online at