Review: Sierra Designs Pullover

Montana winters are not for the faint-of-heart. They’re cold, dark, and make one want to bundle up. On a day when temperatures are well into the negatives, look no further than the Hale Snap Pullover by Sierra Designs for hiding away from the cold. The perfect fleece for staying cozy while reading a book next to the fire or watching a movie, this double-sided shearling jacket is soft with a relaxed fit that makes me never want to take it off. The best feature is an oversized kangaroo-style pocket, providing ample room for both hands or an extra pair of gloves. But if that’s not enough, there’s also a chest pocket for keeping track of phone or keys, so no need to worry about pocket space—there’s abundant room for all the essentials. Overall, the Hale Snap Pullover is a great option to slip on under a puffy for an added layer of warmth while out on the town or in the hills.

Available at; $100.