Review: Schnee's Mission

You know those jacked-up 4x4 vehicles that get folks in and out of steep, and sometimes treacherous, places?  That’s exactly what I think of when I look at the new Mission boot from Schnee’s. The Mission is a jacked-up version of a day-hiker that can handle the gnarly Montana conditions.

Built on a burly Vibram sole, with aggressive traction, the Mission provides sure-footedness in the sloppiest environments. The toes and bottom portion of the boot are wrapped with a Vibram barrier keeping water out while protecting the toes and sides from sharp rocks. The remainder of the upper is a combination of leather and cloth, featuring Schnee’s OutDry technology; my feet stayed warm and dry through rain, mud, creek crossings, and snow. The eight-inch ankle support has been great on steep side hills and while carrying gear. The lacing system also has locking clips on the top of the closed eyelets; these clips prevent the lower laces from loosening as you move to the upper section. Comfortable but stiff out of the box, I’d give them a break-in period before heading out on a long expedition. 

Available exclusively at Schnee’s in downtown Bozeman. $410;