Review: Schnee's Alder Boot

Chelsea boots are all the rage nowadays. Just walk downtown and you’ll see a few folks wearing ’em. Bonus points if their keys are attached to carabiners on their belt loops. But for those looking to stand out in both style and quality, the Alder Boot by Schnee’s does it all. The Italian leather upper and Vibram outsole will take you through any and all terrain—rain, snow, or shine—and you’ll look great doing it, too.

The first thing I noticed when I got my hands on these boots was how well everything is constructed. That’s probably got a lot to do with their Italian craftsmanship. That’s right, these boots are made at one of the top boot-manufacturing facilities in Italy. When you finally put them on, you’ll notice the difference. The boots are firm and supportive, but still provide a soft, comfortable footbed. The folks at Schnee’s say the shoes will even get better with time as they mold to your feet and continue to break in. Finally, the inner leather lining helps to regulate temperature, cold or hot, so you’ll be ready for whatever weather is thrown your way.

One of the main reasons I gravitated towards the Alder boots was their burley outsoles. It’s no secret Montana has some pretty harsh winters, and things can change awfully quick. The mornings can be bitterly cold, and an inch-thick layer of ice may coat the streets. Then, come afternoon, it might be warm and slushy making for quite a mess. With Vibram outsole, these boots are equipped to handle it all, and then some. I’m excited to take my new boots out through all of it, because I know they’ll be able to tackle everything.