Review: Point6 Hiking Socks

In our increasingly soft and comfortable world, socks are getting, well, increasingly soft and comfortable. Which, unlike tender feelings, conflict-phobia, and a lack of grit, is a damn good thing. Take the Point6 37.5 Hiking Essential Light Crew, for example. Despite the cumbersome name, this foot-and-ankle-hugger feels so good inside a hiking boot, you forget it's there—until nightfall, when you take off the boots but leave on the socks. Yep, they fit that well and feel that good: snug but not restrictive, supportive but lightweight. What's more, they don't get wet from sweat—the "37.5" refers to the socks' humidity regulation; they wick away warm vapor before it can liquify into sweat. Your feet stay dry, and that long, hard day on the trail, followed by a nippy night, requires no change of socks. And for folks like me, whose feet don't get cold, the thin fabric is fantastic—with no bulk, I can feel the trail and move my feet that much better, even in cooler weather. Which means I can wear them well into fall, and maybe even on warmer winter days, too. I just hope that these socks don't make me soft. $25;