Review: Outdoor Vitals Rain Jacket

Weighing in at a mere seven ounces, the Outdoor Vitals Tushar Rain Jacket is the ideal piece of gear to stash in your backpack for any spring, summer, or fall adventures. The Tushar utilizes different fabrics to cover various areas of the jacket, optimizing breathability and waterproofing while also preventing pressure areas (where shoulder straps and backpacks press against the body) from getting saturated with moisture. The coat also includes an additional piece of fabric on the interior, eliminating the clammy feeling one gets with most rain jackets. On a recent day in the White Cloud Mountains in Idaho, I felt very lucky to have the Tushar in my bike bag when a severe thunderstorm rolled in directly overhead. I was perfectly comfortable and dry while hunkered down under a partial tree canopy during the ensuing rain and hailstorm. Stay confident and dry while not bearing the weight of a heavy coat with this ultralight but plenty durable jacket. $230;