Review: Oboz Trail Shoe

Trying out the Sawtooth II Mid Waterproof.

While putting these boots on for the first time, I kept thinking that Oboz had managed to work some kind of magic trick. I was worried that they wouldn’t fit as they seemed on the small side at first, but as soon as I had my foot situated inside, the Sawtooth II Mid surprised me by hugging my feet perfectly. They have a generous toe box combined with a much narrower heel,  which I like as it reduces the size of the boots noticeably from what I’m used to. No more catching my opposite cuff repeatedly while hiking! The more I’ve worn them, the more I’ve come to really appreciate how the heel cup molds seamlessly to my foot shape. With such a snug fit, they don’t ever slip, even on the steepest of hill climbs. 

Review: Oboz Sawtooth II Mid Waterproof

These boots feel lightweight and you might not take them seriously for that reason, but with their mid-height and stiff soles, they are ready to tackle the miles over any type of terrain. While the fit was perfect from the start, they are still a stiff hiker that takes some time to break in properly for maximum comfort. I like that they are versatile enough to use for day hikes or backpacking trips, and thanks to plenty of support they seem to actually work with my feet instead of against them.

Review: Oboz Sawtooth II Mid Waterproof

They have a super burly tread that’s highly functional but also a work of art on its own. The classic Oboz outsole provides excellent grip on the trails in all kinds of conditions, even on the mud and ice. With a B-DRY waterproof membrane, those snowbanks pose no problems for these boots—feel free to trek right through the worst of it, or even get your toes wet on that creek crossing. The large mesh vents will help to keep your feet from overheating, making for a well-rounded hiker ready for anywhere the trail may take you.