Review: Oboz Bozeman Mid Leather

When I shop for footwear, I look for something that can do it all. I want shoes that are comfy, can handle the outdoors, and are fashionable for when I need to clean up. It’s a lot to ask for, but for me, versatility is key, and that’s exactly what I’ve found with the Bozeman Mid Leather from Oboz.  

Constructed from recycled materials using Oboz’s trademark O FIT system, the Bozeman’s profile is low enough to feel light, but tall enough to provide solid ankle support. While this shoe sports a stiff outer mold, its inside is just the opposite. The Bozeman Midsole, biomechanically engineered from Bloom Algae technology, is equipped with a soft EVA heel pod, comfortable to stand on, and specifically developed to provide extra stability with every step. Additionally, the pod grants amazing arch support, which helps make for a snug fit overall. 

In my mind, a great pair of shoes is one that I can wear to work and hit the trail in immediately after. If you’re looking for all-around function, be it for singletrack or sidewalk, look no further than the Bozeman Mid Leather. Available at Schnee’s and Murdoch’s; $150.