Review: Muckster Lite Clogs

Slip-on shoes can be the best thing that ever happened to your feet, or they can be the worst. Having experienced only the latter, I've been loath to let go of my standard snug-fitting shoes, despite the extra time it takes to pull 'em on and lace 'em up. But that's all changed with the Muckster Lite Clog, a new lightweight slip-on from the Muck Boot Company—all of the sudden, I'm a slip-on believer.

These babies are light as a feather, they slide on easily, and they hold my feet snug despite the lack of lacing. The outsole has excellent traction, and the ventilation holes offer both breathability and drainage, meaning these one-piece foam slippers work great on the water, too (and they'll float if you lose one in a rapid). Finally, the textured insole provides a nice mix of cushion and support, so I can wear them all day without pain or fatigue. The Muckster has thus become my go-to house-shoe while I recover from plantar fasciitis, and it makes a great camp shoe, when I want to slip out of my sopping-wet river shoes or sweaty hiking boots.

For the environmentally conscious, the special BioLite foam has some serious longevity—it'll take a lickin' and keep on slickin'. When the Muckster Clog's time does finally come, rest assured that it will completely biodegrade in the landfill, keeping your conscience as comfy as your feet.

Sizing note: if you're in between sizes, the manufacturer suggests going up to the next size. However, I'm a solid 8.5 and the size 8 fit my foot way better than the 9. But I wear light socks, or no socks at all. If you're planning to wear them with heavier socks, going up might be the better option.

Available online; $55.