Review: Muck Chore XF

It's muck season: snow and mud everywhere, and cold, wet feet all day long. Unless you get yourself a pair of Muck Chore XF boots, that is. A roomier version of the standard Muck Chore boot, the XF has more space around the calf, for mesomorphs like me but also for those who like to wear thick socks and tuck insulated pants into the boot. Like its classic cousin, the XF keeps your feet warm and dry no matter the conditions or how long you find yourself out in them. They slip on and off easy, for a quick transition to house mode, and the breathable mesh lining prevents overheated, sweaty feet on warmer, hard-workin' days. The reinforced toe and heel mean these babies will last a long time despite a heap of outdoor abuse. In addition to all this, there's the grip: the XF's thick, tacky lugs grab snow, ice, mud, hardpack, and every other surface you may encounter. After a long spring doing messy chores in this boot, you might not even want the season to end. $175;