Review: Montec Ski Gloves

Cold fingers have been the ruin of many a good day outside in the winter. Whether cross-country skiing up Sourdough, lapping runs at Bridger, or even a stroll downtown, the fun ends when the fingers get cold. That’s why when I needed gloves, I turned to Montec, a company built around the customer.

My first pair was the Utility Ski glove, designed as liners inside mittens, or worn alone for cardio activities like Nordic skiing or snowshoeing. The moment I put them on, I knew the Utility gloves would be a go-to glove for the winter. They’ve kept my hands warm in all conditions and activities. With a snug fit, they provide great dexterity—I’m even able to dig around in pockets without frustratingly picking the wrong things. They come with slip-free grippers on the thumb and two fingers, which helps grab items. And the pill-resistant outer fabric looks good in the mountains or on Main Street.

With the base knowledge of the Utility glove, grabbing Montec’s Kilo Ski glove was a no-brainer. I was a little shocked at how tight they were on my hands the first time I put them on—it was a little difficult to bend my fingers. But, like a good pair of boots, they just needed a little time to break in. After a couple runs down the slopes, the padding began to pack down and create some space. Soon I was easily bending my fingers, and grabbing things (think chairlift beers) without worry. And if I wanted to take them off while on the lift, I enjoyed the security of the built-in safety strap—you know, the things we use to make fun of our second-grade classmates for wearing. But that very feature saved me a mad dash under the chairlift before day's end. Extremely warm, with strong seams, the Kilo glove keeps the fingers warm and the fun going.

Available online; $31 for the Utility Ski, $65 for the Kilo Ski.