Review: KURU Atom Shoes

The first thing I noticed when I tried on the KURU Atoms was how high my heel was off the ground—8mm felt like a long way compared to my flat Altras. Reason is that the Atoms come with three insoles. Yep, three separate fabrics line the footbed, designed to provide maximum comfort and superior arch support. The arch support I felt right away, and while the heel-to-toe drop has taken some getting used to, I’ve grown to enjoy it.

The Atoms are lightweight and are designed with a mesh body over the front half, allowing my foot to breathe easily and keep less sweat from ruminating in my socks. The shoes lace up tight and with them on I feel swift and agile. They’re great for quick movements and cardio workouts. While I use them primarily for training in the gym and runs around town, but they handle well on the trails, too. $160;