Review: Give'r Classic Gloves

Simple, classic cowhide gloves... they're everywhere, right? Sure 'nuff, but like cowboys and mountain men, all cowhide ain't created equal. Which, I reckon, is why the Give'r Classic Glove was born, a feral love-child of the Ontario wilderness and the mountains of Wyoming, both places where folks learn to give 'er their all, from dawn to dusk, birth to death. Those are big words for a darn glove, no doubt, but this is a darn good glove. It fits fine and holds up proper, with solid grip and dandy dexterity along the way. The glove'll shuck water, too, and keep your fingers warm down into the single digits. All for under fifty bucks. So what the heck, cowboy up and order a pair—you can even get your initials inscribed, so no lily-livered rascal will run off with 'em. $49;