Review: Gordini Radiator Mitt

Designed for harsh summits and bitter cold nights at basecamp, the Gordini Radiator Mitts live up to their name and don't disappoint during the iciest temps. The mitts combine a tough woven polyester shell with a synthetic leather palm and finger areas, making them durable and dexterous enough to apply skins during ski tours. The Thindown insulation builds the down into the fabric, essentially doubling the insulation value while preventing shifting and cold spots. And inside the liner, they're insulated with Lavawool fleece making for even more warmth and comfort. I’ve spent the better part of the last 20 years photographing athletes in extreme cold weather, and I need mitts that I can pull out of the pack to warm up my digits on demand. The Radiator mitts are the best I’ve found to date at doing so. $160;