Review: Duer Jeans

Now that bacon-and-stout season is upon us, I did what every self-respecting 32-year-old does and bought a pair of jeans that fit like sweatpants. The relaxed fit jeans from Duer look (mostly) like denim, but they have a dirty little secret—there is some hi-tech fabric blended with the denim to make the jeans super light, and super stretchy—even around the midsection.

Now I know what you're thinking: these are jeggings, and I'm making excuses. That's partly true, but while I had reservations about wearing spandex dungarees, I've since turned a 180. The pants are extremely comfortable, and I can't argue with that. After a few washes, the initial discomfort of the material wears away and you're left with what look like jeans but feel like pajamas. It's like a dream come true for those of us who haven't aged quiet as gracefully as we'd planned. They're also great for outdoor pursuits, like hiking and biking, as the added range of motion helps.