Review: Duck Camp Brush Pants

When a relentlessly hot summer coincides with early upland-bird season, overheating afield is a problem. Morning hunts are the best way to combat the heat, but sometimes it's hard to get out until later in the day. I’ve struggled for years to find pants that provide protection and keep me from baking in hot weather. Lucky for me, I came across the Brush Pants from Duck Camp. Made from Cordura and cotton, these pants aren't as hot as traditional upland pants. They have a comfortable fit that doesn’t hinder movement, and they're nice enough to wear in most of my social situations. As for protection, they offer decent defense in thick brush, but they don't stop thorns and briars. And that's where the built-in hip-loops come in—when things get really nasty out there, I slip into chaps. Available online; $109.