Review: Costa Blackfin Pro

Costa Blackfin Pro

This summer, I have been wearing Costa Blackfin Pro sunglasses on the river. Costa claims that their patented 580 polarization technology is almost 100 percent efficient. Believe it! When I put the glasses on, my entire field-of-view enhanced with sharpness, allowing me to see crisp details I would normally miss. The frames are seemingly weightless, and the sides are wide to block stray light from distorting your vision.  

I have the Blue Mirror lenses, and I've found them to increase contrast and eliminate glare, but lenses come in a variety of colors. They are available in green, copper, gray, and amber. All of them block UV rays that can cause cataracts over time. I can't say enough about the sharpness of the Blackfin Pros—they have improved my vision beyond description. Available at the Tackle Shop, River's Edge, Bob Ward's, and Dan Bailey's; $269.