Review: Chaco Classic Flip

I’d never been much of a flip-flop guy—preferring beefier sandals, instead—until I tried a pair built by my favorite sandal-makers. The Chaco Men’s Classic Flip stands out in a sea of summer footwear thanks to its arch support, durable webbing straps, and aggressive tread. Slipping into them is like putting on my coziest pair of sandals, but a little lighter, and with a little more freedom of movement. The footbed has good support, so I can walk around camp or go on little explorations without worrying about my foot sliding around or possibly rolling my ankle. After a couple weeks of heavy use, the rubber has even conformed to my foot, making the flops even more comfortable—which I didn’t even think was possible. This summer, whether it’s on the water, in the mountains, or around town, you can find me rocking my Chaco flip-flops—in style, too. $65; available at