Review: CEP Merino Compression Socks

"Be not the first by whom the new are tried, nor yet the last to lay the old aside." —Alexander Pope

It's taken me awhile to get onboard with compression socks—do I really need fancy, high-tech fabric between my feet and my fancy, high-tech shoes? Turns out, I do. An old ankle sprain kept rearing its ugly head, and I was at wit's end. So I slipped on a pair of CEP merino compression socks and voila, progress. Finally! The sprain's not exactly healed, but it bothers me much less throughout the day and during after-work activities on the trail. My CEP socks are basically ankle braces without the bulk.

Two different styles allow me to maintain compression regardless of activity. For workday wear and trail runs, the compact low-cut sock gives me protection and breathability in a minimalist design. On longer hikes with a pack, wearing over-the-ankle boots, the mid-cut sock offers well-placed padding and additional stability. Both styles keep the swelling in check while providing a comfy, cozy, high-performance fit.

What's more, I wear these socks all day, from dawn to dusk, and never once feel a twinge of discomfort. Indeed, I forget I have them on until bedtime—they fit that well. Comfort, breathability, and performance all in one... it's definitely time to lay my old, substandard socks aside.

$20 for the low-cut, $23 for the mid-cut;