Review: Bedrock Cairn Pro II Sandals

When the summer temps finally roll around, it’s off with the boots and into the sandals. Whether I’m in the office, out on the town, on the river, or hiking the trails, you’ll pretty much always find me rocking some kind of sandal. Admittedly, I used to have three different pairs in my previous open-toed arsenal: one for more strenuous hikes, one for the water, and one for walking around and work. Now, I just do everything in my bedrocks.

Bedrock has a few different types of footwear in their line, but when it comes to sandals it’s all about the Cairn. I went with the Cairn Pro II version since it comes with their new heel-hook strap to fasten the shoe together. I’ve had velcro on other sandals begin to fail after less than a year, so the durable hook is a fantastic solution. Aside from that, there are standard or 3D options for all of their sandals. The 3D version has a modified footbed that comes sort of “pre molded” for your feet. There’s a little more arch and toe support built in to keep your foot feeling extra comfortable. Essentially, I think it comes down to personal preference: whether you want a true barefoot feel or would like a little more cushion. And, of course, they all come with Bedrock’s standard between-the-toe, or “thong,” design and their megagrip Vibram outsole.

No matter which one you decide to go with, these sandals are a great compromise all around. However, they do take a bit of getting used to. I took them out for a weekend backpacking trip right off the bat. While I wouldn’t totally discourage doing that, I will say that my feet did get pretty tired after hiking a few days on them. Nothing I wasn’t able to handle, but just something I did notice more compared to other, thicker sandals options. The good thing is, though, my feet are getting stronger, which is a huge plus in the end.

All of Bedrock’s sandals are stamped with their Rock Solid Warranty that covers the outsoles throughout their lifetime. If your sole or straps break, they will either repair or replace them for free, or for a reasonable price if the damage doesn’t fall under warranty. Though their customer service is obviously top notch, I still recommend going through their sizing procedure to ensure you get the right fit. All in all, I imagine you’ll be getting rid of all your other sandals to make way for your new pair of Bedrocks, just like me. $130;