Review: Bearpaw Evas

I wanted a pair of Uggs, Emus, or something warm and comfy to slide on after skiing, fishing, etc. After doing some research on how not to blow a million dollars on shoes that make my legs look like nubby stumps, I discovered the Eva, made by a California-based company called Bearpaw. Not only are the Evas well-cushioned boots that don’t break the bank, but they're lined with sheepskin, encased in ultra-suede, and they couldn’t be more comfy. These boots have good tread too, which are an absolute necessity on Bozeman’s slick spring streets. The sheepskin regulates body temp so your feet aren’t cooking if you wear them all day. As a bonus, the company also donates to a number of charities like Soles4Souls, the National Odd Shoe Exchange, and Kids in Distressed Situations. $68;