Winter 2011-2012 What You Liked

By now you’ve heard about our digital edition—a full-fledged, super-cool online version of Outside Bozeman. It’s getting a lot of traffic! Here were some visitor favorites. 

1. How Far Will You Go? If you’ve ever doubted Bozeman’s hometown pride, look no further. Our readers know exactly what to pack when they head to the far corners of the world! And with the awesome prizes involved, it’s no wonder everybody wants to know who won.

2. Gear Reviews. We aren’t sure if it was the Endeavor Jacket, the Baron climbing shoe, or the Tentpak that drew readers in, but the folks at ASMSU (whose ad was on that page) should be psyched.

3. Doctor’s Orders. Long-time Outside Bozeman contributor Dave Carty gives readers the low-down on sporting clays and on one of the area’s most well-known shooters, Doc Bradford.

4. Photo Contest Winners. We see a ton of incredible images every year when we hold the annual photo contest, and clearly our readers love poring over spread after spread of winning shots as much as we do.

5. The Quickening. Author Tom Reed tells of that familiar feeling—Wapiti Anxiety Insomnia—that comes every August. Time to bust out the hunting gear. 

6. Semper Fly. Matt Labash describes in heart-touching detail a group of soldiers who come to fish with Bozeman-based Warriors and Quiet Waters.

7. Fall Floatin’. Survival-skills teacher and Jefferson River Canoe Trail president Tom Elpel lays out a sweet float down the Jefferson River that’s full of history and sure to please.

8. Rookie Mistake. Sometimes life makes you an example for other people about what not to do. Author Lou Walters fulfills that destiny by inadvertently poaching an elk and living to tell about it.

9. Skin-Tight Stealth. Yet another example of the trouble we get ourselves into. 

10. Grouse of a Different Color. Hunting Blue Grouse is hard work. Dave Carty shows you why it’s worth the effort. 

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