What's Your Spinach?

Tips from the O/B health experts. 

Recovery is an essential aspect of any recreational program. After a 20-year investigation into the preparation, exercise, and recuperation habits of multiple athletes, several highly-regarded experts concluded that after strenuously exerting yourself by skiing, skating, and climbing your way through southwest Montana’s high-elevation mountains, you should take steps to rest, recover, and prepare for your next outing. While the study’s results are still being vetted by appropriate agencies, we’ve distilled some of the choicest nuggets of wisdom here.

“Everyone’s got their spinach—as in, Popeye’s secret weapon. Mine’s scotch—blended or single malt. Preparation or recovery, it don’t mattah—that stuff makes me invincible.”
—Photo Editor, Simon Peterson

“I consider Snickers to be just as good as any energy bar out there, and usually have the mini ones stashed in my backcountry pack, or the peanut butter ones… yum.”
—Creative Director, Angie Mangels

“Whenever you’re not feeling well, listen to your body. Better yet, look at your body. Take off all your clothes and stand in front of the mirror. Then reflect on the words of Teddy Roosevelt.”
—Publisher, Mike England

“I eat one family-sized bag of sour-cream-and-cheddar Ruffles, then take off my clothes and stand in front of the mirror. I purge any remaining toxins through tears of self loathing.”
—Managing Editor, David Tucker