Shoulder Season

What to do till summer.

This is the season when we whine the loudest in the office. After all, it's cold and muddy out there—in a weird way. It's not really warm enough to float, not dry enough to bike, and the skiing's getting a bit slushy, too. What the hell are you going to do with all your free time? We have some suggestions, and if we see you doing any of them between now and when the summer issue hits in June, we'll know you're one of us. Consider it our secret handshake.

1. Drink Corona outside before it’s really warm enough to justify it… wearing a puffy jacket.
2. Locate and repair the pinhole leak in your float tube that caused you to ever-so-slowly sink every time you floated the Madison last year.
3. Go mountain biking anyway… because mud is just plain fun. (Don't actually—it's awful for trails.)
4. Call your parents and check in on your girlfriend. They haven’t heard from you since it started snowing in October.
5. Start to even out your goggle tan: switch to shades (or face masks with big eye holes).
6. Deny that spring (or summer) exists, and continue skiing.
7. Head to the nearest mudboggin’ hole and get your truck "stuck bigger than shit." It’s a Montana right of passage.
8. Admire all of the recently exposed flesh, pale as it might be. Ahhhh, spring.
9. Road trip! Canada for more winter, Moab for summer. You can’t lose.
10. Tie a slew of new flies. While drinking Corona. And wearing a puffy jacket.