How to Look Cute in the Outdoors

Looking cute is important at all times and outdoor recreation is no exception! Lack of amenities while, say, spending four days camping out and rock climbing, need not prevent you from achieving optimum cuteness. The mere fact of being outdoors enjoying life lends itself to utter adorability if you are willing to take a little time to plan out some smashing ensembles that are sure to become the talk of any campfire gathering.

Everyone knows that dressing in layers is ideal for outdoor pursuits. And why not? Layers are definitely cute, as long as you don’t get carried away and look fat. I suggest for the ladies starting things out with some kind of nifty little sport tank with a built-in bra. Now, if you’re too chesty you’ll have to improvise this one a bit—just do what works for you. Next, I’m thinking a midweight napilene (nappy capilene) zip tee. The next layer, “the shell,” is really important to up your cute factor. Not just any old shell will do here. For spring, I recommend choosing a shell in a really unexpected color with a flattering cut. Think pale citrus green juxtaposed with a periwinkle vest underneath. Of course, a little dog hair on the vest is always a great accessory and will keep you warmer.

A hat is a most pivotal piece in camping apparel and will be needed to fend off both spring chill and “tent hair.” I’m a big fan of the tuk-style hat, which is constructed out of a lightweight material and won’t get too hot for springtime athletic pursuits.

Fit-and-flare yoga-style pants are cute and comfy and can carry you from a day of climbing to an evening of shotgunning beers with ease. You can easily slip on rain pants should the weather turn foul.

Last, but not least, are shoes. There are an awfully lot of unattractive approach shoes out there, so try to find a pair that doesn’t make your feet look too wide. Some type of slip-on shoe works great when frequently getting in and out of a tent. Try a kicky pair of flip-flops or the tried-and-true Dansko clog.

Oh yeah, I forgot about the guys... just bring a toothbrush (and use it!). Nobody will be looking at you anyway.