Blend In to Stand Out

What your camo says about you.

Camouflage has been a tool of predator and prey since the dawn of time—a way to go unseen, to help obtain a meal or avoid becoming one. Well, those days of primitivity are over; we now live in a world where one wears camo in the hopes of actually being noticed and distinguished from his or her peers. Each style of camo is a signal, telling fellow hunters (and non-hunters walking downtown) which camp we belong in. Of late, we’ve begun to put the patterns together.

Camo “System”

  • Social media is replete with dead animals
  • Plasters truck with hunting-company stickers
  • Would wear camo socks if Sitka or Kuiu sold them

Under Armour Camo

  • The guy you want on your side in a fight
  • Could’ve gone to the NFL, if he’d “had the grades for it”
  • Leaves facepaint on for days after hunting

Army Surplus Camo

  • Hunts with a lever-action, open sights
  • Thinks hunter orange is for sissies
  • Carries a bowie knife on his hip, all the time
camo, apparel, hunting, montana, bozeman


Lycra Camo

  • Hunting is a spiritual experience
  • Only hunter who can touch his toes
  • Responds when addressed as spirit animal (Wolf, Hawk, Snake)

Camo PJs

  • Thinks about hunting 24/7
  • Forgets that he’s in PJs and wears them to the bar
  • Rotates in white camo once the snow flies
camo, apparel, hunting, montana, bozeman


Homemade Camo

  • Stashes a DIY bug-out kit in truck
  • Has rigorous training plan, but doesn’t follow it
  • Looks forward to the next revolution

Wool Coat & Cap

  • Re-loads own ammunition
  • Always talks about hunting ethics
  • Uses cigar as a scent-blocker


  • Friends call him “hunting hipster”
  • Reads books on stoicism at camp
  • Is vegetarian, unless he killed it

Fashion Camo (not designed for hunting)

  • Wears camo to blend in with other camo, not with the woods
  • Actually would prefer to be seen by animals for safety
  • Ironically, sticks out among chosen outdoor sub-group
camo, apparel, hunting, montana, bozeman