Happy Trails

Gallatin Valley Land Trust at work

For almost 25 years, the Gallatin Valley Land Trust (GVLT) has worked toward the creation of a trail system that connects downtown Bozeman with the public lands surrounding town. More than 67 miles of trails now exist, and the “Main Street to the Mountains” program continues to expand with exciting additions.

Coming Soon: Path to the M
Linking Main Street to the Mountains north of town is becoming a reality. GVLT and partners have secured around $4 million in funding for a new, paved, shared-use path along Bridger Drive from Story Mill Road to the M and Drinking Horse Mountain trailheads. The path will provide safe options for bicyclists and pedestrians seeking access to the Bridgers. Construction is expected to begin in 2015.

Bozeman Pond Park Grows
A favorite fishing and family destination, Bozeman Pond Park next to the Gallatin Valley Mall is growing. In December, GVLT purchased nine acres of land immediately to the north, increasing the size of the park by more than 50%. The new parkland is undergoing a public master-planning process and is expected to include over a mile of new trails, dog facilities, and natural parkland.

Triple Tree Trail Upgrade
This Bozeman favorite just got a facelift. Since the 1990s, the Triple Tree Trail south of Bozeman has provided a wonderful hike with exceptional views, but was steep and had erosion problems. Working with partners at the State of Montana, Gallatin County, and Triple Tree Ranch, GVLT rerouted the upper loop of the trail last fall. The round-trip is now 5.5 miles—one mile longer than before—and is a fantastic hike or ride just minutes from town.

Highland Glen Nature Preserve
Thanks to nearly 200 volunteers, GVLT, the City of Bozeman, and Bozeman Deaconess Health Services, construction began on new singletrack trails at Highland Glen Nature Preserve last June. Today, there are more than five miles of trails for biking, walking, and running on this land across Highland Boulevard from Bozeman Deaconess Hospital. Access to this privately owned land is assured only if we use the trails responsibly—please obey all posted regulations.

A Bozeman native, Kelly Pohl has helped manage trail and land conservation projects at GVLT for eight years. Learn more about Main Street to the Mountains at gvlt.org.