Beers to Summer

Pairing Bozeman’s breweries with recreation.

We all love a tall frosty beverage with our outdoor recreation. Whether it’s a refreshing lager after paddling around Bozeman Pond, a citrusy Hefeweizen after mountain biking the local trails, or a good old-fashioned ale to power you through a dog walk, there’s nothing quite like sports and beer. Fortunately, Bozeman has as many breweries as recreational opportunities. Here are the perfect pairings.

Hiking + Tradition
After hoofing it up Drinking Horse or the M, hop over to the Bozeman Brewing Company. This granddaddy of Bozeman breweries opened in 2001 and serves beer in their tasting room on the edge of the historic Brewery District on the north side. Rest your feet and trade your sports drink for a Bozone Amber Ale, which tastes great with the free popcorn.
504 N. Broadway;

Climbing + Outdoor Lounging
Crush a boulder problem at Spire or on the Langohr Park Boulder, then bike those sewing-machine legs over to Bridger Brewing. Sip a Climb Every Mountain Hefeweizen on the outdoor patio, chow specialty pizza, and make the MSU summer-school students jealous.
1609 S. 11th;

Dog Walking + Open Mic
Make your pooch happy with an afternoon stroll on the Story Mill Spur Trail. Bridger can get a drink in the East Gallatin River, but save your own thirst for the 406 Brewing Company. While you put back a Pale Elk, your dog can dream of chasing wapiti—which you’d never let him do in real life, of course. Then exercise your vocal cords at open mic—may I suggest “Martha My Dear” by the Beatles?
101 E. Oak; 

Paddleboard + Supper
Start on the patio of the MAP Brewing Company where you can rent a paddleboard from FLOW Outside. Work on your core strength as you take a few laps around the East Gallatin Pond. Back on the MAP patio, gaze upon the Bridger Range while drinking a Steep Terrain Double IPA. Carnivores will love the local bison and grass-fed beef served up by Grille 406.
510 Manley;

Running + Pull-Ups
Jogging a few loops around the ponds at the Regional Park and then sprinting up the hill is just the warm-up you need before a visit to Outlaw Brewing. Want to cross-train? On Tuesdays, get 25 cents off your first round for every pull-up you do. Sip a Dawn Patrol Pale Ale in the spacious tasting room and thank your guns for the discounted beer.
2876 N. 27th;

Road Biking + New School
Strap on a helmet and saddle up to bike the roads of south Bozeman. To really earn your beer, spin all the way up to Hyalite Reservoir and back. Then sit those padded shorts down on a barstool at the Bunkhouse Brewery and enjoy a Sabino Red Ale. Like all their beers, this one celebrates Montana’s brewing heritage.
1216 W. Lincoln;

Shopping + Brain Freeze
Not everyone considers shopping a sport, but after powering through the local shops in downtown Bozeman and working out your wallet, you deserve a cold one. At White Dog Brewing Company, your White Dog IPA will be extra chilled when you set it on their custom frost rail.
121 W. Main;