Beer... It's What's for Dinner

We're no strangers to booze here at Outside Bozeman magazine, and it shows. Now that it’s getting colder, we get to start using the "it's just to warm up" excuse to justify our debauchery. You can too, and here is a list of the staff's favorite fall brews to get you started... er, warmed up.

Hopper Pale Ale
Madison River Brewing
Belgrade, MT

This amber-gold beer from the Madison River Brewery is a perfect way to start off the fall. With its medium-bitter taste and grassy notes, a growler of this brew would be perfect for friends to share around the campfire—although the Budweiser crowd probably won't like it, in which case you get to drink it all.

Black Dog Ale
Spanish Peaks Brewing
Denver, CO

Just as strong and solid as your favorite black lab, this beer has a hoppy flavor with mild maltiness. This ale was originally brewed right here in Bozeman but unfortunately sold out to Broadway Brewing in Colorado! Oh well, it’s still a great fall choice.

Nut Brown Ale
Bitter Root Brewing
Hamilton, MT

The Bitter Root Brewing Company wasn’t joking when it called this beer nut brown. With its distinct nutty flavor, it’s like drinking Ferrero Rochers (those little gold-wrapped hazelnut candies) in a bottle. This is a great darker beer for those who don’t usually venture too far from light ones.

Moose Drool Brown Ale
Big Sky Brewing
Missoula, MT

"Nuttier than a squirrel turd," as the cap may say when you crack open a bottle of Moose Drool. This beer is smooth with a slight chocolaty taste, paired with mild hoppiness. In a bottle or on tap, you can’t go wrong with a little Drool. Drink enough, and you will become the drool.

Warsteiner Dunkel
Warsteiner Brauerei
Warstein, Germany

Fall wouldn’t be complete without Oktoberfest, chicks in those little pleated tops, and the German Warsteiner Dunkel. It packs a classic fall taste with its barley flavor and lighter finish. And with only 4.8% alcohol content, this beer does it right without kicking your ass.

Diablo Dark Ale
Big Hole Brewing
Belgrade, MT

If you’re looking to get trashed, give Diablo a try. With 7.5% alcohol content, it's no surprise this beer comes from Belgrade. It packs a punch with its chocolaty, coffee flavor.

Punkin Ale
Dogfish Head Brewing
Milton, DE

Fall is the season of pumpkins, and no beer list would be complete without a beer made with this orange vegetable. Dogfish Head Brewing out of Delaware brews up its Punkin Ale with both the taste and color of pumpkins (if you get drunk on this beer, be careful—your puke will look shocking). The ale was named after Delaware’s “Punkin Chunkin World Championship” where people compete with their homemade pumpkin-flinging machines. Delaware's gotta be good for something besides incorporation, right?

Double Haul IPA
Kettlehouse Brewing
Missoula, MT

If you've never had this beer, you live under a rock. Due to the beer's popularity, Kettlehouse Brewing recently decided to offer its Double Haul IPA in cans as well as on tap, so now you don't have to drag your lazy ass to a bar—you can drink at home, by yourself, while watching HGTV like we do. Be prepared if you’re a Bud Light drinker—this beer has a hoppy kick to it.