All Wrapped Up

The great burrito battle.

The burrito: arguably the most well-loved handheld meal. It’s versatile, healthy, and delicious, and its combination of heartiness and portability makes it the ultimate outdoor culinary indulgence. With an abundance of burrito options popping up around southwest Montana, we took it upon ourselves to find out which one was the best.

For the purpose of this comparison we stuck to wrapped burritos, not plated meals—everything must be inside the tortilla. With our handpicked criteria in mind, we sampled an entrée from each location, rating each category on a 1-5 scale. To keep things fair, we stuck with the same options at each location—chicken, black beans, white rice, sour cream, guacamole, cheese, and any offered extras. Below are our findings for five different restaurants.

Restaurant Taste Ingredients Cost Options  Wrap Quality Drink Options /3 TOTAL
Wrap Shack 5 5 8.75 5 5 3 23
La Parilla 5 5 8.49 4 5 3 22
Qdoba 4 4 7.99 4 2 1 15
Taco Del Sol 3 4 7.25 2 3 2 14
Taco Del Mar 3 3 8.08 2 3 1 12


When the tinfoil had been peeled away, and the last fantastic bite consumed, the Wrap Shack in Big Sky came out on top, winners by a slim, single-point margin over the always-incredible local favorite, La Parilla. The deciding factors were a fantastic pre-roll, ingredient-toss to eliminate layering, a superior rice quality, and an abundance of fresh, homemade options available on every burrito. To top it off, they also serve beer.

Wherever your outdoor adventures take you this winter, look no further than the Bozone’s bevy of bountiful burritos for your caloric kickstart.