Book: Upland Game Bird Cookery

When you work hard for your game, there’s nothing quite as disappointing as botching the meal. This is where a good cookbook comes in. Townsend resident Eileen Clarke’s Upland Game Bird Cookery (Ducks Unlimited, $20), has all the tools to set you up for success after a hunt. Whether you’re after turkey, grouse, pheasants, or more, there’s a whole section on plucking and boning your birds, proper field care, as well as tons of delicious recipes for the oven, grill, and even the soup pot. I grilled up some mean ruffed grouse breast this summer, something I would’ve been hesitant to try without good instruction—totally worth it. And now that you’re a pro in the wild game kitchen, your only worry will be getting enough birds to feed your crowd of adoring fans. Available at