Book: Miranda and Starlight

The first in a series of six books, Miranda and Starlight begins the story about a precarious ten-year-old girl and the special friendship she shares with the horse of her dreams. Inspired by her love of children and horses, and a passion for the outdoors, Montana author Janet Muirhead Hill tells a heartwarming tale filled with adventure.

Even though this book is written for a young audience, who will relate to its familiar language and like its frequent illustrations, adult readers will also appreciate the way Hill thoughtfully touches on some of the complex and emotional family issues that many of today’s children face. Abandoned by her father before she was born, Miranda is sent to live with her grandparents in Montana while her mother pursues a career in L.A. As Miranda struggles to find her sense of place and make her deepest wish for a horse of her own come true, she learns some compelling lessons when she befriends an untamed stallion. After a string of serious mishaps, Miranda and her friends, in the true style of determined children, wind up touching the heart of the cantankerous Mr. Taylor and saving Starlight from ruin.