Book: Life Lived Wild

Rick Ridgeway’s climbing resume alone rivals any of history’s greatest alpinists, but combined with the breadth of his other adventures, not to mention his professional career including stints in product development, filmmaking, and sustainability, he may well be the most accomplished outdoorsman we’ve ever known. In his newest collection of stories, Life Lived Wild: Adventures at the Edge of the Map (Patagonia, $30), Ridgeway reflects on a lifetime of outdoor endeavors ranging from climbing K2 without supplemental oxygen to crossing the island of Borneo from coast-to-coast—both of which hadn’t been done before. Through it all, he delves into themes on motivation, sacrifice, and enlightenment, probing at the intangible elements of pursuing his passions. Whether you’re a die-hard climber, a gutsy whitewater boater, a laid-back surfer, or a casual hiker, Ridgeway’s narrative is one we can all relate to. Dive into a Life Lived Wild—and don’t hesitate to take some notes down for yourself.