Book: Legend Keepers

Legend Keepers: The Partnership

A captivating continuation of the first book in the series, Legend Keepers: The Partnership (Hidden Shelf Publishing House, $15) resumes the story of Buddy the mountain goat, but not before we are introduced to Garson—a 12-year-old boy conducting a science project on Shining Mountain Glacier. Garson’s exploration of this mountain leads to an unlikely friendship between humans and nature. Bruce Smith, a science writer and wildlife biologist, shows that humans can learn a lot from listening to the world around us rather than sticking only to what we know. His passion for the outdoors and conservation are conveyed through this story, especially when Buddy and Garson work together to answer one question that leads to the discovery of many others. Garson follows a similar quest as Buddy the goat to find his sense of self after struggling through school and his home life to answer a scientific question that could change his purpose forever.