Book: Laid-Back Skier

Remember the old adage about not judging a book by its cover? Despite its outward appearance, Laid-Back Skier (Friday Jones Publishing, $10) isn’t just another kids’ book about skiing; rather, it’s a lighthearted look at life that contains something inspiring for every skier. With bite-sized morsels of wisdom, author Colleen Smith shows how lessons learned while skiing apply to dealing with issues off the slopes. Whether you’re young or old, skier or boarder, this book will make you smile—and if the wit doesn’t get to you, the adorable bunny illustrations just might. Laid-Back Skier also includes some helpful features, like a skier’s packing checklist and a journal to record days on the slope. This charming hardcover would make a wonderful holiday gift for the snow bunny (or jackrabbit) in your life.