Book: Laboratory Yellowstone and the DNA Revolution

Laboratory Yellowstone and the DNA Revolution

For the inhabitants of southwest Montana, Yellowstone National Park is a common topic, whether it be the diverse wildlife or the impending doom from the supervolcano’s eruption. Most, however, do not think of the living microorganisms located within its hot springs. But Robert Lindstrom is not like most, and the third edition of his book Laboratory Yellowstone and the DNA Revolution (Johnson Creek Publishing, $25) unveils the fascinating lifeforms that thrive in this extreme geothermal environment. You don’t need a degree in microbiology to enjoy it, just an interest in microscopic organisms and their usefulness to humanity. Lindstrom engages the reader by intertwining history and science in a digestible format, and shares details about how research in the Park led to the formation of modern DNA and genomics tools. A must-read for anyone seeking to understand what’s happening inside Yellowstone’s pools, without taking a dip in one.