Book: Bugling Elk & Sleeping Grizzlies

Shirley Craighead, wife of the late entomologist and naturalist Dr. Frank Craighead, edited and developed this short book for kids. Dr. Craighead's words, "All living things have their timing with the climate and with each other," are the spirit behind Bugling Elk and Sleeping Grizzlies, which introduces kids to the ecology and life cycles of the Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Park areas. Bright, colorful photography gives a month-by-month look at the unfolding of the seasons through the plant, animal, and weather activities that distinguish the area. Included are pictures of animal tracks; close-up pictures of insects, plants, and small animals; and lots of bear, deer, and buffalo shots. A good amount of text, intermediate vocabulary, and a short glossary in back add to the educational nature of the book and make it best for kids five and older. Pretty much all kids would like looking at this book (what kid doesn't like animals?), but Bugling Elk and Sleeping Grizzlies would make an especially great gift for an out-of-state kid or a souvenir for one passing through.