The Square

One snowflake said to another,
“You’re a real dick, you know?”
Taken quite aback,
The other flake replied,
“Really? What makes you say so?” 

“Well, you just don’t fit in,”
The first angrily cried,
While ten, twenty new snowflakes,
Came to his side. 

“We’re all so different,”
The accused came back,
“No one alike—remember?”
“That’s sort of our act.” 

The other flakes jeered,
In a flurry of hate.
“You’re a square, man…”
“Two points short of an actual flake,” 

“Melt away, melt away,”
The mob rallied loud.
While the four-sided not-flake,
Shied away from the crowd. 

Then the temp dropped twelve degrees,
And the flake felt a change spike,
And in a matter of moments,
He was a mighty dendrite. 

The flurry stopped jeering,
The accuser shut his yap.
“Six sides? How about 36!”
“I’m gorgeous, so eat that!” 

The simple flakes fluttered,
And spun down in shame,
With the huge new dendrite,
Laughing all the way.