My Sock is a Napkin

An ice cream sandwich—
I like vanilla.
I've eaten my beans,
I've eaten my dinner.

My hands are sticky,
I have no napkin.
Could wash them right now
but that ain't gonna happen.

Wipe them on my shirt?
It will leave a stain.
I like this shirt—
I don't want to change.

Wipe them on my pants?
It'll make them look dirty.
I wear these to work
every day at eight thirty.

Bend over, look down—
there's cloth in my shoe.
My socks can absorb
all that sugar and goo!

I wipe my hands on my socks—
they're dirty anyway.
They’re covered by my pants,
who cares if they’re stained.

Socks are useful
for so many things.
Use your sock as a napkin
and keep your hands clean.