Bozeman America

In your confounded struggle
For originality, nights lengthen.
Snows flicker… drift… and fall…
Heat departs the landscape—after all. 

Flurries list in; holding—cold.
Summer stone laced with snow.
Saddle Peak: See, behold,
Blanketed white—surreal blow. 

Dendrites pique the memory.
Graupel may sting your skin...
Wind blows, souls wander—
Clouds deliver your rime of sin. 

The chair lingers
Patrol say no.
Pow dreams work
Your skinning soul. 

Blue sky waits.
Ridge wind true.
Wolves howling
Just for you. 

Skin your mountain,
Ski anew.
Track that wonder,
Sip the dew. 

Gravity flourishes
Swing rules
Turn rhythmic
You hearty fools