Coloring Outside the Lines

Over 8,000 vehicles travel Interstate 90 between Bozeman and Livingston each day, posing a significant threat to wildlife. According to the Bozeman-based Craighead Environmental Research Institute, vehicles kill over 180 animals every year on Bozeman Pass and the number is steadily climbing.

Last year 250 students from Park and Gallatin counties participated in an art contest hosted by local conservation organization American Wildlands to draw attention to this issue. Competition was tough, as students illustrated innovative ideas to help wildlife.

Winning artwork by Abbie Blevins (La Motte Elementary School, Bozeman), Bailey Butts (Manhattan Elementary, Manhattan), Hope Christensen (Morning Star Elementary, Bozeman), Karlissa Dagel (Whittier Elementary, Bozeman), Bettina Diaz (Arrowhead Elementary, Pray) and Emma Edmisten (Longfellow Elementary, Bozeman) will be displayed on billboards in Livingston beginning in November and Bozeman beginning in December. Check out the work of these young artists as you enter Bozeman Pass!

Look for more details on American Wildlands’ second annual children’s art contest in January at